Time is money! Learn how to use technology to optimize your employees' scope of work

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Many entrepreneurs and managers wonder how they can make their employees' work scope more practical and productive, and the answer is simple: implementing the right technologies in their professional routine. Through easy and accessible changes, the company can obtain exceptional results, making its processes much more dynamic and efficient.

Technology brings an immense range of possibilities to all sectors of the economy, providing managers and entrepreneurs with much more advantageous means of optimizing their time and, consequently, their results.

The truth is that if you don't "embrace" these changes, you also miss out on the benefits they can provide. Hence the importance of keeping an eye on the news and never forgetting Benjamin Franklin's famous quote: Time is money.

In today's world, with the competition in the market as a whole, knowing how to manage the team's time and scope of work determines the success of a company.

Big Data, cloud computing - cloud computing -, data virtualization and mobile telephony are some of the Information Technology (IT) solutions capable of helping this process. But you have to remember that alone they don't work miracles. It is up to the organization and, above all, its managers, to seek innovation and make the best use of them according to the scope of work of each team member.

To help you, here are some tips on how to insert technological solutions into your company's day-to-day activities, so that your employees can reduce the time spent on simple tasks. Check out!

Applications that facilitate the control and distribution of activities

One of the main gains in incorporating technology to organize the scope of work is the possibility of better controlling the time spent on daily activities and optimizing the execution of these activities.

Several tools, applications and virtual services (some of them free) are available to increase the performance of professionals in companies: in the management of daily tasks, in the creation of presentations, in the reduction of hours spent in certain demands and even with activities that are not connected directly to the profession, but which somehow increase personal motivation. Some examples of these solutions are Trello, Todoist, and Asana.

Online meetings and video conferencing apps

Today, the market also offers several options for applications to hold virtual meetings that allow connecting people who can, in addition to voice communication, share video, files and information.

A good option for meetings is screen sharing, which allows you to present projects more easily.

These applications can be installed on computers, tablets and smartphones, providing interactivity and ease of communication. Some examples of this type of tool are Skype, Meetingburner, Webex , Facebook video calls etc.

Planning software

Organization is key to any planning program. It is not surprising that the progress of some task is hampered due to delays, missed deadlines or lack of visualization.

Management software was made for this: organizing the company's internal processes, aligning the activities of each team member, in order to expand knowledge about the task, and, with that, determining a feasible execution schedule for the team's reality, increasing substantially the liability for compliance with deadlines.

In such a way that, with the mapping of these activities and the design of procedures, the team's performance increases exponentially and you will have greater ease in scaling the business since greater agility in meeting deadlines not only reduces the cost of the operation but also improves the quality of service.

Its great advantage is the use between teams, bringing an interactive tool to the daily life of the organization. When there are failures or delays, the movement history within the program makes it possible to identify the error, facilitating correction.

cloud computing

Cloud computing arrived with everything and the biggest advantage is that it allows remote access to applications, systems and programs through the internet and stores data safely.

There are applications that provide a free storage limit, allowing you to share files with simplicity and agility, in addition to the possibility of viewing and editing files. The most commonly used ones are Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox.

Learn how to choose the right tool

Before making the choice itself, it is up to the manager to assess the points that will have the greatest impact on their results and on their quest to optimize their employees' scope of work.

The evaluation of performance indicators, as well as the identification of gaps in action and areas for improvement, are fundamental tasks to identify which products and services best fit the reality of your company, producing a more effective effect in terms of time use and reduction of costs.