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The fashion sector is one of the fastest growing during the pandemic. Starting fashion e-commerce is a bold and important step in the career of many entrepreneurs. The sudden change in the post-pandemic consumer profile has increased new demand in the electronic market.

Despite being products of need, the fashion segment also involves creating desire. Your customers need to buy into the idea of ​​the brand as a whole, and for that, the first step is the images that you present in your virtual store.

Product photos are the business card of a fashion e-commerce. The first impressions of the brand are directly linked to the look and composition of your photos. The image is the first stimulus of attraction, you can seduce a visitor at first sight, only with a well-composed image with the right products.

In this article, we'll show you the steps you need to take quality photos, even without a professional camera. Let's start.

Start by determining your audience

First of all, you need to define the audience you want to talk to. How old is the woman who will wear your brand? What's your profile? What kind of content does she consume throughout the day? The persona built from these questions will help to delimit your audience and facilitate communication with them. In addition, you will understand your customers' needs and work with products that really meet their demands.

In this way, by defining the audience that will sustain your sales, over time you will be able to explore new audiences and, consequently, new channels to boost your fashion e-commerce.

First steps for good images in a fashion e-commerce

As we have already pointed out, creating desire is one of the main pillars of communication for fashion e-commerce. For this, you need to think about the composition of your photos as a whole. Try to include elements that complement the piece as a whole, from accessories to the scenery.

The image of the product with the right components will make all the difference in the purchase decision. Check out all the highlights below:


Lighting is a key point for clothing photos, it is essential that the light does not affect the colors of the pieces. In this sense, the ideal is natural light or the support of accessories such as soft boxes. Be careful not to create shadows, especially in closed places like rooms and studios. When in doubt, always choose to take your photos during the day and in well-ventilated places.


Remember that not only in a fashion e-commerce but also in any segment, the visitor needs to feel safe with that product. Therefore, your photos must have varied angles, highlighting important details in the piece. Whether on a model, mannequin, or neutral background, try to vary the positions of the photo to resolve any doubts regarding the piece.


In a physical store window, your clothes must always be well presented, without defects, stains, or any impediment to the purchase of that piece. The same applies to the virtual store. Before taking the pictures, check that the pieces are well-ironed, without loose threads or any other defects before taking the pictures.


Sell ​​clothes and generate expectations. You won't accomplish this by composing meaningless pieces that don't connect with each other. A big mistake is also to include too many elements of the composition and take the highlight out of the piece. When in doubt, always bet on the basics.


The most common in fashion e-commerce are photos inside a studio with a white or neutral background. But you can also opt for photos in an open setting, as long as there isn't too much information that distracts from the piece and that they don't occupy the entire image chart. Remember: the star of the photo is always the product, so all elements must be in harmony for the garment to stand out.


Some of your pieces will have details that won't be easily seen. From seams to buttons and even fabric texture. In this case, in the registration of images, there should always be images focusing on the details, especially if it is a difference in the product. The highlight of the details influences the purchase decision and even after sales. If your product has some particularity that was not shown, this can lead to an exchange or return and consequently an extra expense within the process.

Types of Photos for fashion e-commerce

Now, you need to understand which type of photo best fits your fashion e-commerce. It may seem like a simple task, but choosing the image model you use directly influences how you communicate with your audience. There are four ways to take pictures of women's fashion, which are:

Photos of a model

Currently, the most used form in product images is perhaps one of the fundamental bases for women's fashion e-commerce. The pieces of clothing on a model's body give the customer an idea of ​​how that product fits on the body. When the brand has an influencer, it is one more element that generates identification with the target audience.

The photos on a model transmit more security, therefore, your product registration must contain at least three photos of this type.

Photo on Mannequin

The ideal option is if you still can't invest in professional models or influencers. Despite being a little different from the human body, it still shows the customer important details about the fit and you can use different mannequin sizes to vary your garments.

Photos on Hanger

As with the mannequin, you don't depend on models to photograph your products. The ideal is to use a background with neutral colors and a good support for the hangers. Now, you can vary the composition of the image by adding mannequins or a model so that the photo is not so impersonal.

Photo on a Neutral Background

This is the best way to highlight and value the product. It's the kind of photo you can't go wrong with, the best bet if you have more urgency. The neutral background is ideal for taking photos with pieces of different colors, as well as photos with models and on the hanger.

Attention: be careful with the fabrics for the neutral background, make sure they are not wrinkled or with reliefs that could disturb the photo.

You are now ready to take pictures of your fashion e-commerce!

Photographing for a virtual clothing store, finally, does not have many secrets. Following our step-by-step process, you will take amazing photos that really sell for your e-commerce.

Remember: every little cog is part of the big wheel of the digital market. Your product photos are essential pillars of your online store and will work together with the rest of the process to turn your e-commerce into a success story!

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