How to make creative slides in your presentation? See 8 tips

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In business presentations, well-made slides are essential to convey the desired message to clients, investors, and professionals in the field.

However, mainly due to the length of most slideshows, it is possible for the audience to become bored, losing focus and not absorbing all the information in the meeting.

For this reason, creating creative and visually appealing slides is critical.

Check out these 8 tips on how to make creative slides now and rock your next presentation!

8 tips on how to make creative slides

Knowing how to make creative slides is vital to achieving the goals of a business talk. 

Follow the steps below to learn how to create a creative and eye-catching presentation!

1. Shrink the text

The first tip on how to make creative slides is to reduce the amount of text.

Text is often essential in a slideshow and the main way to present information on slides. 

However, while text is crucial for developing ideas, too much text can overwhelm the audience and reduce the creativity of the presentation. 

Therefore, reducing the amount of text is the simplest way to achieve a creative business presentation. 

Text may tell the audience what you know, but visual effects show viewers exactly what you mean!

When replacing bulk text with images, be sure to describe them; a simple caption under an image can be more insightful and self-explanatory than an entire paragraph!

2. Use the right color combination

Getting the perfect combination of colors on a page takes skill and a deep understanding of color theory.

Knowledge regarding different combinations and what they represent is essential for building more artistic presentations. 

Another tip is to consult experts or designers to get ideas on how the right colors work for different occasions.

3. Add charts and tables

Another tip on how to make creative slides is by adding charts and tables.

Charts are a great way to display a set of data and add another visual element to a slideshow. 

Choose a chart type that best shows your data and insert it into your document. 

Some chart types include:

  • Pie Charts: Use this type of chart to compare percentages;

  • Horizontal Bar Charts: Use this chart to compare quantities;

  • Vertical Bar Charts: Use vertical bar charts to show changes in quantity over time;

  • Line Charts: Use this type of chart to show trends over time.

5. Use audio and video

Audio and video elements are a great way to grab your audience's attention and can make your subject easier to understand. 

These multimedia elements often illustrate a point more easily and stand out from text-only slides. 

Use audio and video that add value to the presentation and don't detract from the overall message.

6. Use attractive background images

Images are a great way to break up the monotony of texts and complement the content of a presentation. 

When adding photographs or graphics to your presentation, make sure the resolution is large enough to fit within the layout's boundaries. 

If necessary, use open-source websites to add high-quality images to the presentation. 

Also, be sure to select images that strengthen the connection with the audience.

7. Focus on specific elements

Let the slides guide the flow of the speech! 

Keeping things simple can help your audience understand the main message of your entire presentation. 

So make sure each sentence has a purpose and consider using short sentences to keep your presentation concise.

It's important to keep in mind that you can use visuals like photos, charts, graphs, and tables in slideshows in conjunction with text.

8. Review the presentation after it is finished

Another tip on how to make creative slides is to review all the content after the presentation is over!

After sharing all the presentation topics, review the slides from the beginning. 

A well-edited presentation is a great way to add credibility and value to your work. 

Read each slide as if you were seeing it for the first time, check for redundancy, and remove anything that doesn't add value. Simplify your text and edit spelling and grammar.

It's also helpful to create a slide to review the presentation information for the audience. 

This gives you a chance to repeat key ideas and ensure that your talk's message is really being communicated to your audience.

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